Visegrad Fund Project

visegrad fund

Lead partner:

Project coordinator: Anna Mezősi;

Partners: SPJ Kosice

 Savita Yoga International

Project characteristics:

 The project aims ato solving the increasing occurence of stress related psychosomatic problems, personality disbalance, family disruptions and lack of proiper motivation for a fruitful life. The project relies on the expert knowledge of the three partner organizations and through the planned project activities. Yoga is one of the ways, that can help to remediate the described life-related problems. All the 3 regions have similar problems and thus the developed solutions would be equally applicable. Dissemination of the project results will happen through the parttner organizations.

The projct results will support also the amendment of the said problems within the minorities living in the countries of the partner organizations.

The developped tools will be courses, wtitten manuals (original and translations)  and specialm music recordings. The partner organizations will disseminate also the tools coming out from the expert knowledge of the other partners.